Many of us hope to ride in China as we do in other advanced countires of our world. Get a visa, international license, and go. Alas, individual foreigners riding motorcycles in China are not permitted. In fact, most motorcycle licenses are restricted to one specific province so even Chinese nationals can not easily ride across the country. While it can be done, it's not worth the risk. Individual rentals in China are difficult to impossible for the same reason.

Ridetour exists to make it easier for groups of riders to ride and see China. If you have your own group of 10-12 motorcycle riders with optional pillions, we will arrange a tour for you.

Rental bikes in China are generally 250cc and not the best for longer distances. We suggest you plan to send your own machines (we'll take care of this for you - shipping from Los Angeles).

It takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks to ride and see this remarkable country.


Motorcycles are not allowed on the expressways so plan on spending more time at lower speeds - actually this is a good way to see the country and meet the people. Fuel is high octane and unleaded so there is no threat to bikes with catalytic converters.