Join Us!         
To receive a self adhesive sticker of our dragon/wheel logo, please contact us by phone at 626-359-6913 or email to the address below: anne at ridetour dot com

We have a few questions for you.

Do you already have riding experience in dirt and mud as well as asphalt?
If not, will you have it before we leave?
Are you comfortable doing your own bike maintenance?

By the time we leave will you be in the physical condition necessary
for a trip like this?

Long days, strange beds, unusual food and people, etc. There may be altitude issues as we climb the passes before the Gobi. The altitude we can expect is from below sea level to above 7000 feet. Please mention this to your physician, especially if you have hypertension.Do you have any existing medical issues that could be a problem?
If your bike falls over, can you lift it yourself?

Insurance and Liability
We are unaware of any company that offers motorcycle or liability insurance
for journeys in China.