"Meet the people, that is the real reason for traveling. 
Learn the language, if you can. They will be grateful 
that you took the trouble, even a few words help. 
Carry a phrase book, because it avoids the intricasies 
of grammar. Get good at pantomine, it works too 
and can be memorable fun.
A motorcycle has always brought me into contact 
with other people, cars  lock them away." 
Dennis Gwynn

Single travellers have a hard time bringing their 
motorcycle into China. Groups are about the only
way to see and meet the people. That is the reason
for Ridetour.

When it is easy to get a motorcycle into China, it will
be a different place.

Why Go Now?

China is rapidly changing from an isolated and traditionally inward-focused society to one that's beginning to look and act a lot like the United States and many other major industrialized nations in Europe and Asia.

Facilitating this social and economic conversion is China's political transformation where once-hard-line Communists are adopting some aspects of entrepreneurial neo-Capitalism.

China, with over 1.3 billion people, was granted "favored nation" status by the United States in 1999. This important diplomatic action opened new trade and tourism opportunities between the two countries and helped accelerate the Chinese government's modernization of this enormous, yet generally untapped market.

Ridetour travelers will get to see firsthand how these changes are being implemented by the Chinese government and learn how the Chinese people are adapting to the changes.

Acrobats - Beijing

Artists - Beijing

Plumber - Shanghai

Jade Store - (Amex, Visa, MC, ect)

The Do NOT list for a park

Motorcycles over 250cc are not used in China unless you have a special permit. Foreigners do not often get motorcycle licenses.

Ridetour travelers will experience China in much the same way as those who trekked The Silk Route a thousand years ago. You'll have the chance to walk the streets of small villages and meet the relatives of Genghis Khan.

You'll taste the same tea that the caravan drivers steeped on their three thousand mile trek across the great deserts of Asia. You'll feel the sands of time as they run through your fingers and collect in your boots.

And, on "Ridetour - The Silk Route" you'll have a little time to stop and smell the roses too.

Terra-cotta Warriors, Xian

Dyed Dog, Xian

"Ridetour - The Silk Route" travelers will personally play an important role in the new Chinese cultural and economic revolution.

Politically, this new-Millennium revolution can be compared to the powerful upheaval that shook the Soviet Union in 1989, tearing down decades-old walls and leveling dictatorial institutions.
Economically, it's equal in importance to the changes that rocked Japan after World War II, when Sony, Honda and Toyota were just start-ups.

"Ridetour - The Silk Route" travelers will get a unique opportunity to gain a special perspective of China; a huge country in the middle of major change. Ridetour has made arrangements to take travelers to many places that most Western tourists never get to see. Places they might not even know exist. We will meet the warm, friendly people who live in these far-flung regions and enjoy their hospitality, their generosity and their friendship while learning more about their fascinating culture.

"Ridetour - The Silk Route" is unique. We'll be a small group of adventurous motorcycle riders (and passengers) traversing thousands of miles of
bad roads through towns and villages where
inhabitants will crowd around us, being
respectfully curious and inquisitive.

"Ridetour - The Silk Route" travelers will meet new-Millennium Chinese entrepreneurs who sleep on straw mats in crowded single-room huts while along with their families live their dream of building their small businesses into large, prosperous enterprises.

We'll meet school children and their teachers, bubbling-over with enthusiasm, and with the excitement of meeting us, the first Westerners they've ever encountered- outside of an old black and white movie or perhaps the internet.

We'll meet young government bureaucrats, proud in their mission to protect and build their country. And, we'll meet workers, toiling, digging and sweating because in many places people are more available than machines.

There's a lot happening in China, although its remained protected from the outside by
the Great Wall and the People's revolution, the isolation is a thing of the past.

"Ridetour - The Silk Route" may be your last opportunity to see the unchanged parts of China before it becomes more Westernized. And, you will
meet many wonderful people who will likely become life-long friends. The
change is happening rapidly. Time is precious. The longer you wait to see China, the more it will look like the US.

7-19-02.. A new Wal-Mart in Harbin was featured on CNN. Asian goods - American marketing. Disney is coming to Shanghai.

10-26-02.. Starbucks is in Shanghai and Beijing.

11-13-02 .. Western USA Beef available in
Urumuqi's best hotels.

By the way.. dial up - internet access is free in Beijing
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